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Face to face learning is one of the most old school albeit efficacious and productive way of learning wherein a teacher's cynosure is his student, who too is able to comprehend and grasp all the nitty-gritty concepts with thorough understanding. A student also feels much more motivated in F2F classes wherein he can interact with his teachers on a one- on-one level.

Face classes
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In today's rapidly evolving world, the eclectic virtual classes have clearly overshadowed all other traditional means of education and it is through virtual classes that a student now feels much more comfortable with a unique, personalized learning experience wherein a student can relish his studies whilst learning at his own pace.

Virtual classes
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A student can carry his gadgets (Mobile phones, Tabs) and study at his own leisure; anywhere, anytime thereby saving all the humongous travel costs along with the physical exertion that a student can now utilize for studying as per his own convenience, a student can re-play the recorded sessions innumerable times until he is able to clearly understand a concept

Vedio classes